Part numbers F33 & B50 Installation Instructions

The F33/B50 part is the same dimensions as the factory part and therefore it should be installed using the same steps as the factory procedure. (Never force an aircraft part)

Prior to installing the F33/B50, the lights from the factory glare shield can be heated and removed and glued on the F33/B50 or you may install my lights. (As per light installation instructions).

The factory used Velcro at the center mounting. This must be transferred to the F33/B50 or new Velcro must be glued to the F33/B50.

The compass reinforcement at the center of the factory glare shield can be removed and located on the F33/B50 although my testing have shown that the reinforcement is not needed on the F33/B50 as there was no vibration or oil canning of the part in flight.

The two factory fillets located at the right and left inner sides can be glued into the F33/B50 if the owner feels they are necessary, I did not duplicate them in order to keep the cost down.

The vents at the top of the factory glare shield can be located on the F33/B50 using the same grill plugs from the factory part. They may not be necessary depending on the avionics that are used in the aircraft. You will need to discuss this with your electronic technician.

As you are using parts from the factory glare shield the installation my be considered a repair, if so, no field approval will be required.